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Amazon's New Tablet PCs Will Bring Ample Business to Taiwanese Suppliers

2012/03/27 | By Philip Liu

Taipei, March 27, 2012 (CENS)--Amazon will roll out three new models of tablet PCs, bringing ample business opportunities to Taiwanese supporting factories, including Quanta and Hon Hai for assembly orders, Prime View and Chimei Innolux for FPD (flat panel display) supply, and Chimei Innolux for exclusive supply of 7” touch sensors.

Amazon launched 7” tablet PC Kindle Fire last year, moving 5 million units and becoming the world's second largest tablet-PC supplier. This year, the company plans to roll out three new models, low-end 7” model (resolution of 1024x600), medium- to high-end 7” model (1280x800), and high-end 8.9” (1920x1200).

To cut production cost and improve the low profit margin of Kindle Fire, Amazon decided to expand cooperation with Taiwanese suppliers.

Last year, Kindle Fire was assembled by Quanta but Hon Hai will join the fray this year, handling the assembly of 7” model (1024x600). Quanta will be responsible for the assembly of 7” (1280x800) model.

LGD and Panasonic used to be suppliers of FPD and touch sensor for Kindle Fire. Chimei Innoluxwill join the ranks of FPD suppliers for new 7” models, while Prime View will supply 8.9” FPD. Chimei Innolux will also become exclusive supplier for 7” touch sensors.