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Nan Hoang was established in 1961. Aiming to improve the overall quality, in 2003, we introduced from Europe, U.S.A. and Japan the advanced friction material R&D, management and testing/inspection techniques, Moreover, we have also made a technical exchange with the top international friction material researchers to carry out the overall education training of the Q.A. management for improving the quality of the employees. In January 2005, we set up a friction material R&D centre, and has successfully developed over 100 kinds of formulations, supplying to the OEM, OES and AM for various vehicular applications.
(A)the material for Ceramic, Titan ate reinforced fiber, Carbon fiber and Fully Metallic brake pads which is used for Automobile, Racing, Sport and high performance cars and will resist the temperature of 600℃.
(B)Green disc brake pads: Below 5% or even non content of copper contain
In 2006, Taiwan First Brake Technology Co., Ltd was established
Material: Non-Asbestos {Organic (NAO), Low-Metallic (LM), Semi-Metallic (SM)}, Fully Metallic FM (Sintered Bronze、Sintered Steel、Sintered Carbon Steel), Ceramic Fiber, Titan ate reinforced fiber, Cork, Friction Paper, Carbon, Semi-Hard and Soft
Application: Automobiles (Passenger, Racing, Sport, Taxi and Performance car), Motorcycles (Scooter, Dirt, Motocross and Racing), ATV, Forklift, Agriculture Machinery, Bicycle, Snowmobiles, Marine, Crane, Train, Military Industry, Golf Carts, Go Kart, Mower, Saw, Construction Machinery, Motor and Sport Instruments.
Innovation of R&D: Improvement of competitiveness. Own the advantaged R&D team, multi-purpose and precise
inspection equipments, provide various friction materials to satisfy the market demand, have the inspection capabilities for the material performance, character, analysis and comparison to the coordination; products are approved by SGS Toxicology tests; comply with the EU ROHS,REACH, OEM, OES and AM requirement.


Brake Shoes, Disc Brake Pads, Clutch Facings, Brake Linings, Disc Brake Segments, Timing Gears, Rotary Valve Disc, Automatic Transmission Friction Parts and Square-type Friction Sheets, We have specifications to fit automobiles, Motorcycles, Marine Application, Trains, Trucks, Cranes, Agricultural Machinery, Snowmobiles Mowers, Fork Lifts, Sports Instruments, Trailers, Golf Carts


Address: 60 Keji 3rd Rd., Tainan Technology Industrial Park, Tainan, Taiwan 70955
Telephone: 886-6-384-1608, 384-2166
Fax: 886-6-384-1606, 384-255
URL: www.nhc-brakes.com

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