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Asustek Maintains Brisk 2012 Tablet Goal Despite Wi-Fi Issue

2011/12/23 | By Ken Liu

Taipei, Dec. 23, 2011 (CENS)--Asustek Computer Inc. Chairman Jonney Shih recently said his company will ship three to six million tablet PCs in 2012, spiking from an estimate of 1.8 million systems in 2011, in spite of unstable signal problem with Wi-Fi device inside its Transformer Prime tablets.

Shih is optimistic about market prospect of tablet PCs, saying that the blurring line between smartphone and laptop is the mother of new mobile computing devices like tablet PCs.

He noted that the company's much-wanted tablets, Transformers, were an inspiration from iPad and a seismic change in keyboard design. Transformers are known for their optional physical keyboard, whose absence will make the PCs a screen-controlled tablet.

Transformers' separable keyboard design is patent pending and the company is mastering the technology for making keyboard-attached tablets.

Shih pointed out that laptops are developed to meet consumer demands for “data creation” whereas tablet PCs are developed to meet the demands for “data consumption”, suggesting that the former underscores business capability whereas the latter highlights entertainment capability.

However, he stressed that Windows8 OS will allow the two purposes combine and his company will introduce Transformers that feature both data creation and data consumption in 2012.

In reaction to Wi-Fi signal problem with the company's Transformer Prime, the company has announced offering product exchange service on its website.

The company has projected revenue of NT$500 billion (US$16.6 billion at US$1:NT$30) for 2012, shooting up around 40% from 2011. The goal comes with plan to ship 22-25 million laptops, including tablets, surging 25% from 2011. With the projected shipment number, the company will likely leap into world top-three PC club.