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Shanghai Asia Elex. Industry Company Ltd. is specializes in producing lighting source, electronic ballasts, transformers, lighting fixtures.

Thanks to rapid growth in several years, the company now has the capabilities to do products R&D, designing, manufacturing, marketing, importing and exporting. The company consists of Importing and Exporting Department, R&D Center, Product Testing Center, Electronics Factory, Lighting Source Assembly Factory, Waterproof Lamps Factory, Automobile Lamps Factory, Special Glass Factory.
The company covers a piece of land of 11,000 square meters and construction area of 5,080 square meters. Its total investment so far has exceeded 10,000,000RMB.
Skilled engineers, quality assurance personnel make up 27% of the company*s total staff. Of the product line team leaders and above level employees, 65% have college or above education. The company also boasts of its management team who acquire the know-how, management expertise, diligence, and business acumen. The management attaches much importance to quality and has well established a procedure to ensure quality from the raw material procuring through the finished products to post sales service.
The company has attained ISO 9001 and UL, CSA safety certification.
Our major products are waterproof PAR lamps, halogen lamps, automobile lamps, electronic ballasts and a variety of lighting fixtures.
Our customers spread over North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific.


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