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Above ACT established in 1996, few would have guessed to what heights ACT Quality Industrial Co. Ltd. and its trademark ACT would rise. Since its conception in 1996 ACT has become a leading global manufacturer, marketer and distributor, and ACT, under its vice, molded into a globally recognized symbol of power, precision and fortitude. Quality does not ring true enough for these professional hand tools and auto repair equipment forged in the bowels of ACT. Those who wield ACT never turn back. That is praise enough.

Crafting with ACT is crafting for life. Our emphasis on guaranteed lifetime craftsmanship is what places us a cut above the rest. Gone are the days of continued investment in faulty equipment. ACT design looks back to a time when things were bought once and expected as inheritance. ACT’s mission is to make common place once more this luxury of assurance and everlasting quality.

Tampering and testing is where the real magic at ACT is brewed. Our R&D department allows us not only to continuously revolutionize product development, but also serves as a forward thinking, innovative force in exacting the demands of our customers through customizing and problem solving. Let your dreams, designs, ideas, innovations be honed, tempered and given form at ACT. Or if you just want something that works and will never let you down, you’ve come to the right place. For whether you want the dependable or the visionary, ACT paves the way.

Established in: 1996

Business types: OEM & ODM

Markets: World Wide


Repair Tool Kits, Truck repair tools, Air ratchet wrenches, Pneumatic hand tools, Air Drills, Air Sockets, Air hammers, Air sanders, Air saws, Torque wrenches, Socket wrench sets, Hand tools, Hand tool kits, Air Drill, Air Sockets, Air shears, Air tools, Air cut-off tools


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