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DR PNEUMATIC TOOLS www.drairtools.com Durable and Reliable

Green Kent Inc. was established in 1978 is an importer, exporter and manufacturer specializing in pneumatic tools in Taiwan. We manufacture the tools such as air impact wrenches, air sanders, air grinders and air screwdrivers. The pneumatic tools we import as an exclusive agent in Taiwan are Shinano, SP, U-tools, NKS, A.C.E and MINE.

Initially Green Kent Inc. starts with OEM & ODM pneumatic tools and obtains strong technical support and know-how information from Japan while making the tools for some of the major Japanese brands for decades. Therefore the quality of our products has always been quite durable and reliable.

For last few decades, we begin our own pneumatic tool brand called ‘DR’ stands for Durable and Reliable. This brand is now distributing to all around Asia and the feedback from customer is quite remarkable.
Air Sander, Air Polisher, Air Impact Wrench, Air Ratchet Wrench, Air Screwdriver, Air Grinder, Air Drill, Cutting Tool, Measuring Tools, Car Tools, Repair Equipment



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Simeon Chou (Manager of Overseas Marketing & Sales Dept.)

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