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CNC Processing

As a specialist supplier of precision semiconductor parts, electronic parts/components, auto/motorcycle parts/accessories, parts for medical instruments, hydraulic valves, etc., we are equipped with 30 combination precision CNC lathes from Cincom Inc., Japan, as well as a series of precision measuring and QC inspection instruments. Backed by a thorough program of stringent control—from material purchase, production to delivery, we are able to steadily improve technological know-how, lower defective rate, which have helped us to build a solid reputation. We are fully capable as an OEM/ODM machinist who can process copper, SUS #303, #304, #316, stainless steel. And we welcome custom specification lathing orders, which are filled on-time at competitive prices.

Processing range: 1.0~26 mm
Subcontract CNC Lathing Services, Machined Parts, PC Parts, Electronic/Telecommunications Parts & Components, Connectors, Medical/Fiber-Optic Parts, Auto/Motorcycle Parts, CNC-lathed Auto/Motorcycle Parts and Accessories, CNC-lathed Stereo Parts and Accessories, CNC-lathed Parts and Accessories for Spindles & Shafts, Introduction of CNC Lathes, Introduction of QC Inspection Instruments, Other CNC-lathed Parts and Accessories, Crankshafts, CNC Lathe Processing



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