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TPK, Largan Gain Steam on Upcoming iPhone 5

2011/09/19 | By Steve Chuang

Taipei, Sept. 19, 2011 (CENS)--With production of Apple Inc.'s iPhone 5 starting in September, TPK Holdings Co. and Largan Precision Co. are expected to further drive up their revenues in the coming months.

TPK, Apple's major supplier of iPhone and iPad touch panels, scored sales revenue of NT$11.099 billion in August, slightly down 6.6% from the peak recorded in July but sharply up 101% from a year ago. The company's chief financial officer Freddie Liu attributed the better-than-expected revenue mainly to strong shipment of touch panels for use in iPhone 4, and implied that models for iPhone 5 have been heavily shipped this month.

Driven by the upcoming iPhone 5, Liu mentioned, the company's sales revenue for the third quarter of this year is very likely to further grow from the second quarter to hit a record high, with gross profit rate to reach between 17% and 18% during the period. Hopefully, the company's single-quarter sales revenue will peak in the fourth quarter of the year, when the blockbuster will land in the global market.

Also benefiting from iPhone 5 set for production, Largan, the supplier of lens modules, finished August with sales revenue of NT$1.467 billion, up 6% from July and 25% from a year earlier to hit a new high for the fifth consecutive month. The company confirmed that the revenue growth was mainly led by increasing shipment of 8-megapixel lens modules, a higher-end product also adopted in iPhone 5.

Institutional investors projected that 8-megapixel lens modules will significantly increase in the third quarter to command nearly a 20% share of the company's overall shipment, serving as a business drive for the months to come. Therefore, the company is expected to further push up its third-quarter revenue for a 15% growth compared to a record high of NT$4.065 billion achieved a quarter ago.