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CHIANYI TRADING COMPANY was established in Taiwan since 1974. There are two main divisions with different products to be made from different Country, Taiwan, China, Malaysia and Indonesia.
They are including:
RUBY HARDWARE CORP. is specialist of Builder's Hardware, including Door Hardware, Window Hardware, Bathroom Accessories and all kind of Hooks in Taiwan and China. Also, we have been working for LOCKS with million pieces capacity monthly for Brass Padlocks, Iron/Steel Padlocks and Abnormal Padlocks to cover all quality grades as well as Cylindrical Door Lockset, Mortise Door locks and Brass Cylinders in China.
CHANG CHUN LUMBER CO., LTD. is a specialist of Molded HDF Door Skin, Veneered Door Skin, HDF Wooden Doors, Veneered Wooden Doors,Solid Timber Door, Frames, Moldings, Flooring and Hardwood Dowels in Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and China.

衛浴零配件, 把手, 陶瓷把手, 銅把手, 木製櫥櫃把手, 鉸鏈, 扣門環, 抽屜滑軌/滑軌, 建材五金, 浴室配件, 鎖類, 金屬建材, 門鉸鏈, 傢具用鎖類及鑰匙, 傢俱配件, 防盜配件, 安全鉤, 木材/木板, 纖維板/塑合板



地址:81367 高雄市左營區文自路27號
電話: 886-7-359-1618
傳真: 886-7-350-6181
網址: http://www.chianyi.com
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