Tue, 24 Apr 2018 03:11:04 +0800 http://www.cens.com COLOR STARS, INC. Product List COLOR STARS, INC. http://www.cens.com COLOR STARS, INC. www.CENS.com Wed, 22 Feb 2012 10:15:01 +0800 LED Panels T-BAR 60x60 Light Panel T-BAR 60x60 Light Panel
Model: TB600-WHT
Ultra-thin T-bar 60x60 LED ceiling panel with uniform light source, no hot spot or stacking shadow. read more]]>
http://www.cens.com/cens/html/en/product/product_main_108816.html COLOR STARS, INC.
Wed, 22 Feb 2012 10:16:11 +0800 Downlights R4S-MR16-WHT R4S-MR16-WHT
Model: MR16
7W MR16 LED lamp with GU5.3 bi-pin base; 0~100% dimming with linear AC transformers; CRI70 or 80 read more]]>
http://www.cens.com/cens/html/en/product/product_main_108817.html COLOR STARS, INC.
Wed, 22 Feb 2012 10:06:33 +0800 Standard Bulbs AMBY-A19-WHT-230 AMBY-A19-WHT-230
Model: A19
12W, 230V A19 lamp with nearly 360° light distribution; 0~100% dimmable with TRIAC dimmers read more]]>
http://www.cens.com/cens/html/en/product/product_main_108814.html COLOR STARS, INC.
Wed, 22 Feb 2012 10:09:49 +0800 Downlights R5-PAR20/30/38-WHT-230 R5-PAR20/30/38-WHT-230
Model: PAR20/30/38
Sleekly designed PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38 lamps with CREE LEDs; 0~100% dimming with TRIAC dimmers read more]]>
http://www.cens.com/cens/html/en/product/product_main_108815.html COLOR STARS, INC.
Wed, 22 Feb 2012 10:17:17 +0800 Downlights Downlight Downlight
Model: R4-DL6-WHT
12W lightweight LED downlight with uniform light source; 100~240Vac; 67 x Ø175mm; 600~660 lumens read more]]>
http://www.cens.com/cens/html/en/product/product_main_108818.html COLOR STARS, INC.