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Looking in-depth at the latest developments in production, sales, product design innovation, and technology advancements, as well as overall supply capabilities of Taiwan’s major export industries, these reports focus on machinery, auto parts, hardware, furniture, lighting and hardware etc. to keep global buyers and readers informed and better prepared to do business with Taiwan suppliers.

Foxconn to Use Self-made Robots to Assemble iPhone 6

The Foxconn Technology Group of Taiwan will reportedly use self-made “Foxbot” to assemble Apple’s iPhone 6, which will be the world’s first smartphones to be assembled by robots. According to online media 9to5 Mac, Foxconn, Taiwan’s No.1 ITC subcontractor by revenue, is preparing to automate ass... Full Story

Published: 2014/07/21

Taiwan's Machine Tool Makers Stay Profitable Despite Forex Losses

Taiwan’s leading machine-tool makers remained profitable in the first half (H1), 2014 despite the revaluation of the new New Taiwan dollar against the U.S. dollar, which seriously compromised gains from foreign exchange in H1. Industry executives ascribe such profitability mostly to the recoveri... Full Story

Published: 2014/07/15

Taiwan's Machine Tool Makers to Speed Expansion to Get Ready for Better H2, 2014

Taiwan’s leading machine-tool makers are speeding expansion plans to get ready for H2 of this year, which they forecast to be brisker than in H1 due to recovering global economy and increasing demand for automation systems. Chairman of the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association, E... Full Story

Published: 2014/07/14

MIRDC Transfers Technology to Taiwanese Firm for Making Dripping Pill Machine

With people increasingly concerned about healthcare nowadays to trigger considerable demand for health-enhancing food, Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC), a Taiwanese government-funded R&D institute, has transferred its dripping-pill- forming technology to Ivorist International ... Full Story

Published: 2014/07/03

Bright Market Outlook Drives Kao Fong to Take out Loan for Expansion

Kao Fong Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hota Industrial Mfg. Co., Ltd., has signed a syndicated loan of NT$1.1 billion (US$36.6 million) with eight Taiwan-based banks to finance its expansion amid promising market outlook. The company projects its revenue for this year to rise 23% year on ... Full Story

Published: 2014/07/01

Tongtai, Cyber Laser to Establish Laser Joint Venture in Taiwan

The Tongtai Group, a leading Taiwanese machine-tool maker, recently announced that it will cooperate with the Japanese laser-equipment maker Cyber Laser in setting up a joint venture to produce laser sources in Taiwan. The partnership was brought together by a venture capital fund co-organized b... Full Story

Published: 2014/07/01

Bright Export Outlook Expected for Taiwan's Machine Tool Industry This Year

While cautious industry executives feel Taiwan’s machine-tool exports are likely to rise 8% year on year this year, optimistic insiders project exports to rise 10% to US$4 billion based on the upbeat results in the first four months of the year. In April, the island’s machine-tool industry shipp... Full Story

Published: 2014/06/30

Hiwin is Upbeat About Robot Shipments This Year

Impressed by the sanguine outlook of the robot market, Chairman Eric Chuo of the Hiwin Group recently forecasted its industrial robot shipments to surge to 100 systems monthly in the second half of this year, up from the current five systems. The sharp shipment increase is predicted to boost rob... Full Story

Published: 2014/06/27

Tongtai to Build Factory Near Kaohsiung Headquarters

Tongtai Machine & Tool Co., Ltd. has decided to build a factory near its headquarters in Kaohsung, southern Taiwan, and train more specialists as part of its expansion plan to further grow in the machine-tool market, in which the company made an estimated 27% year-on-year revenue increase in the fi... Full Story

Published: 2014/06/27

Taiwan's Machine Tool Makers Stock up on Parts for Rush Orders

Leading machine-tool makers in Taiwan are vigorously purchasing crucial components and materials for machines or raising materials and parts inventory to the level of at least two months lest incoming rush orders should be lost. Taiwan’s industry executives say that the recovering global economy... Full Story

Published: 2014/06/25

Rechi Precision's Sales and Revenue up in May

Benefiting from the booming downstream sector of household appliances, particularly in China, Taiwan-based Rechi Precision Co., Ltd., world’s fourth-biggest compressor manufacturer by shipment, finished May with banner sales. The firm’s latest financial report shows that its compressor sales and... Full Story

Published: 2014/06/11

Hon Hai to Supply Japan's Softbank "Pepper," the Humanoid Robot

Considerable dedication by Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., world’s largest EMS (electronic manufacturing service) firm, to developing robot production technology has paid off, as the firm has been contracted by Japan’s Softbank, a telecommunication and Internet company, to supply humanoid rob... Full Story

Published: 2014/06/10

Hiwin Technologies Opens an R&D Center at Tsing Hua University

Hiwin Technologies Corp., the world's No. 2 supplier of ballscrews for precision machines, has opened another R&D laboratory, at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) in northern Taiwan, with the aim of training high-level precision-machinery engineers in cooperation with the prestigious tech-orient... Full Story

Published: 2014/06/03

TAITRA and TFPMA Promote Taiwan-made Foods, Food-making Equipment and FoodTech & PharmaTech Taipei 2014 in S.E. Asia

With multi-purpose in mind and to reinforce exchanges and cooperation in foods and food-making equipment between Taiwan and ASEAN member countries, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Taiwan Food & Pharmacy Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (TFPMA) visited Vietnam, Indonesi... Full Story

Published: 2014/05/29

TECO Steps up Global Deployment for Better Profitability in 2014

Motivated by positive economic outlook worldwide, Taiwan-based TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd., globally top-3 industrial motor supplier by size, is aggressively enhancing global deployments to achieve better profitability in 2014 than last year. As part of its development strategy this year... Full Story

Published: 2014/05/28

Hiwin's Apr. Revenue up 33.9% YoY

In April alone, Hiwin Technologies Corp. had consolidated revenue of NT$1.1 billion (US$37.6 million), increasing 4.3% from the previous month and 33.9% year on year, thanks to increased demand for industrial robots and intelligent automation. The April result helped swell the company’s consolid... Full Story

Published: 2014/05/28

Taiwan's Machine Tool Makers Post Strong Earnings in Q1, 2014

Most of Taiwan’s machine-tool makers had better-than-expected earnings in the first quarter of 2014 thanks to recovering global economy and the devaluation of the New Taiwan (NT) dollar. Among the manufacturers, Goodway Machine Corp., Hiwin Technologies Corp., Kao Fong Machinery Co., Ltd., Tongt... Full Story

Published: 2014/05/23

Taiwan's Machinery Export Surges 8.2% YoY in Jan.-Apr., 2014

According to the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI), in the Jan.-Apr. period the island exported US$6.4 billion worth of machinery, up 8.2% year on year (YoY), thanks partly to a surge in shipments of tools to mainland China in April. That month alone, Taiwan's overall machinery export... Full Story

Published: 2014/05/22

Aggressive Marketing Plan Introduced to Reinvigorate Taiwan's Machine Tool Industry

The semi-official Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Corporate Synergy Development Center recently co-introduced an integrated marketing plan to boost Taiwan’s machinery industry revenue to the NT$1 trillion (US$33.3 billion) milestone and also upgrade the island’s global machin... Full Story

Published: 2014/05/20

Rechi's Cumulative Compressor Sales to Reach 100 M. Units in June

Following decades of development, Rechi Precision Co., Ltd., Taiwan’s largest manufacturer of compressors mainly for air conditioners by shipment, is very likely to see cumulative sales recorded since its establishment in 1989 reach 100 million units in June, when a celebration will be held at the ... Full Story

Published: 2014/04/23

South Korea Likely to Eclipse Taiwan in Machine Tool Export in 3-5 Years

C.C. Wang, president of the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI), warns that the island will lag South Korea in machine tool exports globally in three to five years if the Legislature fails to approve the service trade pact Taiwan has signed with China. He notes that without such appr... Full Story

Published: 2014/04/23

Hiwin's Q1 Revenue Rises 26% YoY

Hiwin Technologies Corp. has announced Q1 consolidated revenue of NT$3.01 billion (US$100.4 million), increasing 26.9% from NT$2.37 billion (US$79.1 million) year on year, including NT$1.08 billion (US$36.1 million) for March, up 23.53% from the previous month and 30.98% year on year. Company ch... Full Story

Published: 2014/04/18

Strong Q1 Sales Drives Taiwan's Machine Tool Industry Ahead in 2014

Most of Taiwan’s machine-tool makers predict strong sales to continue into the second half of this year after recording encouraging performance in the first quarter due to brisk demand from China’s makers of vehicle parts and molds as well as the rallying demand in America and Europe. They say t... Full Story

Published: 2014/04/18

Taiwan's Machinery Exports Rise 9.1% YoY in Q1

In the first quarter of 2014, Taiwan shipped US$4.6 billion worth of machines, up 9.1% year on year, according to the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI), which represents over 2,000 machinery makers across the island. The export revenue included the US$1.8 billion generated in March... Full Story

Published: 2014/04/18

Goodway to See Revenue Growth Month by Month in Q2

With its current capacity fully booked throughout the second quarter of this year, Goodway Machine Corp., a Taiwanese leading supplier of CNC (computer numerically controlled) turning machines and machine tools, expects its revenue to grow month by month during the period, according to the firm. ... Full Story

Published: 2014/04/11

Hiwin Tops Taiwan's Machine Tool Peers in 2013 Earnings

Hiwin Technologies Corp., a Taiwan-based maker of precision components for machinery, has announced NT$2 billion (US$67.3 million) in after-tax net income, or NT$7.96 per dilute share, last year, making it the most profitable machine-tool maker on the island, with the earnings up 0.62% from 2012, ... Full Story

Published: 2014/04/10

Hiwin Sets Ambitious Revenue Goal for 2014

Hiwin Technologies Corp., a Taiwan-based maker of key components for precision machinery, targets consolidated revenue up to US$1 billion for this year with its subsidiaries. Company chairman and chief executive officer (CEO), Eric Chuo, is confident of achieving the goal for several advantageous d... Full Story

Published: 2014/04/02

Taiwan's Machine Tool Makers Have a Banner February

Taiwan's leading machine-tool makers scored February revenue growth ranging from 10% to over 100% year on year mostly thanks to market recovery worldwide. The manufacturers include Tongtai Machine & Tool Co., Ltd., Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., Ltd., Hiwin Technologies Corp., Goodway Mac... Full Story

Published: 2014/04/02

Taiwan's Machinery Exports Show Promising Growth in First 2 Months of 2014

With the global economy on the mend, Taiwan’s machinery exports for the first two months of this year totaled US$2.854 billion, up 7.5% from the same period of last year, according to the latest statistics by Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). MOEA pointed out that exports to the U.S., Southe... Full Story

Published: 2014/03/31

Forex Incomes Boost Earnings of Taiwan's Machine Tool Makers

Taiwan’s machine-tool makers made better-than-expected earnings in 2013 on average mostly due to income from currency exchanges. Kao Fong Machinery Co., Ltd. saw both revenue and earnings for last year hit fresh historical highs, with after-tax net income of some NT$130 million (US$4.3 million),... Full Story

Published: 2014/03/27

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