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Looking in-depth at the latest developments in production, sales, product design innovation, and technology advancements, as well as overall supply capabilities of Taiwan’s major export industries, these reports focus on machinery, auto parts, hardware, furniture, lighting and hardware etc. to keep global buyers and readers informed and better prepared to do business with Taiwan suppliers.

Goodway to See Revenue Growth Month by Month in Q2

With its current capacity fully booked throughout the second quarter of this year, Goodway Machine Corp., a Taiwanese leading supplier of CNC (computer numerically controlled) turning machines and machine tools, expects its revenue to grow month by month during the period, according to the firm. ... Full Story

Published: 2014/04/11

Hiwin Tops Taiwan's Machine Tool Peers in 2013 Earnings

Hiwin Technologies Corp., a Taiwan-based maker of precision components for machinery, has announced NT$2 billion (US$67.3 million) in after-tax net income, or NT$7.96 per dilute share, last year, making it the most profitable machine-tool maker on the island, with the earnings up 0.62% from 2012, ... Full Story

Published: 2014/04/10

Hiwin Sets Ambitious Revenue Goal for 2014

Hiwin Technologies Corp., a Taiwan-based maker of key components for precision machinery, targets consolidated revenue up to US$1 billion for this year with its subsidiaries. Company chairman and chief executive officer (CEO), Eric Chuo, is confident of achieving the goal for several advantageous d... Full Story

Published: 2014/04/02

Taiwan's Machine Tool Makers Have a Banner February

Taiwan's leading machine-tool makers scored February revenue growth ranging from 10% to over 100% year on year mostly thanks to market recovery worldwide. The manufacturers include Tongtai Machine & Tool Co., Ltd., Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., Ltd., Hiwin Technologies Corp., Goodway Mac... Full Story

Published: 2014/04/02

Taiwan's Machinery Exports Show Promising Growth in First 2 Months of 2014

With the global economy on the mend, Taiwan’s machinery exports for the first two months of this year totaled US$2.854 billion, up 7.5% from the same period of last year, according to the latest statistics by Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). MOEA pointed out that exports to the U.S., Southe... Full Story

Published: 2014/03/31

Forex Incomes Boost Earnings of Taiwan's Machine Tool Makers

Taiwan’s machine-tool makers made better-than-expected earnings in 2013 on average mostly due to income from currency exchanges. Kao Fong Machinery Co., Ltd. saw both revenue and earnings for last year hit fresh historical highs, with after-tax net income of some NT$130 million (US$4.3 million),... Full Story

Published: 2014/03/27

Machine Tool Industry Leaders in Taiwan See Promising Exports in 2014

Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) Chairman Hsu Hsiu-tsang predicts the island’s machine-tool exports to rise at least 10% year on year, to US$4 billion this year, as long as the American market and the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) market maintain stable growths. A... Full Story

Published: 2014/03/26

Taiwan's Packaging Machine Manufacturers Follow Differing Growth Strategies in 2014
Manufacturers buck the doldrums affecting other sectors of Taiwan's machinery industry

By STEVE CHUANG Although 2013 was a year of declining exports for most Taiwanese machinery suppliers, makers of packaging machines finished the year with robust growth. The latest statistics published by the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry show that exports of Taiwan-made food and ot... Full Story

Published: 2014/03/25

Taiwanese Extrusion Machine Suppliers Are Upbeat Toward 2014
Makers see promising recovery of export orders as the global economy is increasingly on the mend

By STEVE CHUANG After a disappointing year in 2013 when Taiwanese machinery industry’s overall exports dropped amid a sluggish global economy, most domestic extrusion machine manufacturers are generally seeing market demand recover this year, hence their more upbeat outlook. According to the ... Full Story

Published: 2014/03/24

Kamioka Corp. Adds More to High Performance Machine Tool Lineup

By KEN LIU Kamioka Corp., a leading CNC machine-tool maker that was founded in Taiwan in 1965, has recently added a number of innovative computerized machine tools to the lineup of its products featuring high cost-performance (C/P) ratios. Among these new products are a CNC vertical mac... Full Story

Published: 2014/03/21

Gooday Group's 2013 Earnings Top Expectations

Machine-tool maker Goodway Machine Corp. and its subsidiary, Awea Mechantronic Co., Ltd., made more money than expected last year. Goodway and the subsidiary together generated after-tax net income of NT$534 million (US$17.8 million), or NT$4.04 per share, for 2013, topping the NT$3.5-3.8 per sh... Full Story

Published: 2014/03/13

Taiwan's Machinery Exports Down 4.4% YoY in Jan.

Taiwan exported US$1.5 billion worth of machinery in January, down 4.4% from the same month of 2013 due chiefly to a 31.1% decline in exports to mainland China, the biggest overseas market for the island's machinery. The Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI), which represents over 2,50... Full Story

Published: 2014/02/20

Kao Fong Starts Building Factory in Central Taiwan Science Park

Kao Fong Machinery Co., Ltd. recently broke ground to construct a factory at the Central Taiwan Science Park to boost revenue to NT$2.4 billion (US$80 million) for 2014 and NT$3 billion (US$100 million) for 2015. The company budgets an estimated NT$340 million (US$11.3 million) for the new facto... Full Story

Published: 2014/02/19

Hiwin Chairman Outlines Past and Future Plans and Performance at Yearend Banquet

Hiwin Technologies Corp. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Eric Chuo announced at the company’s Jan. 17 yearend banquet that the manufacturer of ballscrews will see sales of intelligent robots more than double this year over 2013 and soon see revenue reach the US$1 billion benchmark. C... Full Story

Published: 2014/02/05

Taiwan's Machine Tool Makers Inaugurate Expansion Plans to Keep up with Brisk Businss

Flooded by orders in the first quarter of 2014 and upbeat about business for the second quarter, Taiwan’s leading machine-tool makers will inaugurate expansion plans earlier than originally scheduled. Industry executives point out that the recovering economies in the Europe Union, United States ... Full Story

Published: 2014/02/05

Taiwan's Machine Tool Makers Target High Growth Goals for 2014

Taiwan’s leading machine-tool makers vow to increase their 2014 sales by at least 10% from 2013 based on the recent surge in orders that will keep production lines running at full throttle throughout the second quarter. Falcon Machine Tools Co., Ltd., with the Chevalier brand, plans to boost sa... Full Story

Published: 2014/01/22

Rechi Achieves Robust Sales of Compressors in 2013

Rechi Precision Co., Ltd., world’s fourth-largest compressor supplier by shipment, achieved robust sales in 2013, in which the company shipped record-breaking 12.3682 million units to rack up the second-highest annual consolidated revenue of NT$16.472 billion (about US$549 million), according to it... Full Story

Published: 2014/01/16

Ecoca Industrial Pursues Ambitious Revenue Goal With Transformation Strategy

Chairman S.C. Hsu of Ecoca Industrial Co., Ltd., a major lathe maker in Taiwan, projects the company’s revenue to top NT$1 billion (US$33.3 million) by 2015, surging from the estimated NT$400 million (US$13.3 million) for 2013 and projected NT$600 million (US$20 million) for 2014. Hsu bases the ... Full Story

Published: 2014/01/14

Hiwin Issues Bright Forecast for its Robot Shipments

Hiwin Technologies Corp. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Eric Chuo recently said that the company’s industry-robot business will considerably help boost revenue for 2014, when it starts shipping articulated robot arms, spider-type robots, and robot arms for silicon wafer factories in the... Full Story

Published: 2014/01/13

Far East Machinery Opens Taichung Office to Tap Bigger Market Share in Central Taiwan

Machine-tool maker Far East Machinery Co. Ltd. (FEMCO), headquartered in the southern Taiwan city of Chia Yi, has recently opened an office in Taichung to boost its market share in central Taiwan. According to chairman, K.H. Chuang, central Taiwan is home to most of the island’s processing facto... Full Story

Published: 2014/01/13

Orders to Keep Rechi Precision Humming Thoughout Q4, 2013

After seeing shipments rise to over one million compressors in October alone, Rechi Precision Co., Ltd. has sold all its capacity for November and December, triggering the company's expectation to meet the goal of shipping 12 million compressors by the end of 2013. Company executives say the fou... Full Story

Published: 2014/01/03

Taiwan's Machine Tool Exports Down 16.5% in 2013

Although the contraction of Taiwan’s machine-tool exports slowed to 5.8% for the month of November 2013, the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association (TMBA) estimates that the island’s overseas shipments of machine tools for the year as a whole would drop 16.5% from 2012, to US$3.5-3.6... Full Story

Published: 2014/01/02

AWEA and Goodway Receive Surging Orders

Machine tool makers AWEA Mechantronic Co., Ltd. and Goodway Machine Corp. have recently landed surging orders mostly thanks to recovering automobile markets in China, Europe, and the United States, with AWEA receiving over NT$300 million (US$10 million) of orders a month. Both companies estimat... Full Story

Published: 2013/12/18

Taiwan's Machine Tool Makers See Profit Growth in First 3 Quarters Despite Disadvantages

Most of Taiwan’s machine-tool makers made encouraging profits in the first third quarters of 2013 in spite of several disadvantageous developments, including the recent revaluation of the New Taiwan dollar against the U.S. dollar that has made Taiwan's exports less competitive against Japanese and ... Full Story

Published: 2013/12/16

Taiwan's Plastic Extruders and Parts Makers Survive Amid Downturn
One maker hires Japanese experts to enhance technologies

Mainly due to uneven recovery and ongoing systemic problems in global economies along with depreciating Japanese yen against the greenback, Taiwan’s plastic and rubber machine industry experienced declining exports during the first half of this year, which will continue for the rest of 2013, accord... Full Story

Published: 2013/09/10

Taiwanese Packaging Machine Suppliers Choose Different Paths to Sustainable Development
The threat from underselling rivals forces manufacturers to go innovative

Taiwan’s packaging machinery industry has been developed over the decades by local companies using skills and know-how learned from overseas, initially with the aim of replacing imports. The industry went on to become an exporter, and many companies in the line have built a reputation in the global... Full Story

Published: 2013/09/10

2013 TIMTOS Showcases Taiwan's Tool Tech Edge
Providing a networking hub for participants to keep abreast of the latest industrial trends and innovative technologies

The 2013 Taipei International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS) drew a record turnout during its six-day run from March 5 to 10, confirming its place as Asia's second largest and the world's fifth largest machine tool show. This year's show presented a broad array of products, from cutting, forming, p... Full Story

Published: 2013/09/10

Pinnacle Introduces Versatile 5-Axis CNC Machining Centers
Taiwanese manufacturer beats the competition in cost-effectiveness

Pinnacle Machine Tool Co., Ltd., founded in central Taiwan back in 1976, has released a series of feature-laden five-axis (X, Y, Z, plus B and C axes) CNC machining centers to cater to high-end manufacturers looking for machines that are economical in price yet uncompromising in precision and quali... Full Story

Published: 2013/09/10

Kasuga Seiki Turns Taiwan's Machine Tool Strength to Its Advantage
Setting up plant in Taiwan allows global deployment from Greater China

When machine-tool maker Kasuga Co. of Japan decided to open its first overseas workshop around one year ago, it chose Taiwan over China on the advice of Jackson Wong, a Hong Kong citizen operating for more than 10 years as machine trader before becoming chairman of the Taiwan subsidiary, Kasuga Sei... Full Story

Published: 2013/09/10

Leaderway CNC Technologies Works on Intelligent Machining

Leaderway CNC Technologies Co., Ltd. specializes in five-axis, vertical-type, and bridge-type machining centers for making vehicle parts, templates for electronics components, and parts for aircrafts and national-defense equipment. The company has been focusing on five-axis technology, among th... Full Story

Published: 2013/09/10

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