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Looking in-depth at the latest developments in production, sales, product design innovation, and technology advancements, as well as overall supply capabilities of Taiwan’s major export industries, these reports focus on machinery, auto parts, hardware, furniture, lighting and hardware etc. to keep global buyers and readers informed and better prepared to do business with Taiwan suppliers.

Taiwan Fastener Makers Seek to Fix Supply Chain Following Forced Closure of Surface Treatment Plants

With some local surface treatment factories officially ordered to shut down due to the violation of environmental protection laws in Taiwan’s southern metropolis of Kaohsiung, where more than 80% of Taiwan's fasteners are made, domestic fastener manufacturers are doing everything they can to repair... Full Story

Published: 2014/04/02

Taiwan Levies Antidumping Duties Retroactively on Korean and Chinese SS Suppliers

Taiwan’s Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced earlier that its definitive antidumping duties on imports of stainless steel from China and South Korea will be levied for five years retroactively from August 15, 2013, when the imposition of provisional duties in the same case began. According to th... Full Story

Published: 2014/03/13

Taiwan's MIRDC and Slovakia's Chirana Group Signs MOU on Medical Instrument Development

To accelerate Taiwan’s development of medical instruments, the Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC), a government-funded R&D institute, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Chirana Group, a Slovakian supplier of medical instruments. The MOU was already signed in ... Full Story

Published: 2014/03/05

Taiwan's China Steel Reports Pretax Profits of NT$23.207 Bn. for 2013

With the global steel market gradually on the mend, Taiwan-based China Steel Corp. (CSC), the largest steelmaker on the island by size, scored pretax profits of NT$23.207 billion, or about NT$1.5 per share, for 2013 to meet market expectations, according to the firm’s latest financial statement. ... Full Story

Published: 2014/02/14

Taiwan's Metal Industry Continues to Meet Market Trends

Taiwan’s Metal Industry Continues to Meet Market Trends With markets demanding eco-friendly, energy-saving, lightweight metal products, Taiwan’s metal industry has been increasingly working on value-added, non-ferrous metals and alloys as aluminum, magnesium and titanium to go upmarket and boost... Full Story

Published: 2014/01/23

Taiwanese Pneumatic Tool Suppliers See Brighter Prospects in 2014
Sector expects boost from new product launches and recovering export demand

By STEVE CHUANG Pneumatic tools—a category covering air-powered hammers, impact wrenches, spray guns, socket wrenches, grinders, sanders and screwdrivers—account for a major part of Taiwan's power tool production. Local products in this segment have also established a strong presence in the global... Full Story

Published: 2014/01/22

Taiwan Government Creates Bigger Market for Green Building Materials

Growing numbers of companies jump on the eco-bandwagon By KEN LIU Beginning on the first day of this year, all new government construction projects in Taiwan costing less than NT$50 million (US$1.6 million at US$1:NT$30) are required to meet the Ministry of the Interior’s (MOI’s) Green Bu... Full Story

Published: 2014/01/07

Taiwan's CSC Sees Jan.-Nov. Consolidated Revenue Decline by 3.42% to NT$318.716 Bn.

Affected by oversupply amid slow market demand worldwide, Taiwan-based China Steel Corp. (CSC), the largest steelmaker by both output and revenue on the island, reported consolidated revenue of NT$318.716 billion for the first 11 months, down 3.42% year-on-year (YoY), according to the firm’s latest... Full Story

Published: 2013/12/11

Wise Center Profits from Building Branded Garden Tools
Quality and competitive prices have helped to enter Swiss and French markets

Realizing that long-term success rests with exceeding built-to-order manufacturing, Wise Center Industrial Group Inc., seasoned maker of garden tools, has been working earnestly on competiveness optimization to build a global-caliber brand for more sustainable development. Since its inceptio... Full Story

Published: 2013/05/21

Stricter Law Helps Boost Taiwan's Green Building Materials Industry
Local manufacturers cash in on eco-friendly trend

Taiwan’s Indoor Air Quality Act took effect in November 2012, bringing more stringent rules for indoor air quality and giving a boost to the island’s green building materials industry. The new law imposes strict requirements for air quality inside houses to keep residents from inhaling hazardou... Full Story

Published: 2013/03/01

Precise Stamping Parts
Innovative Prototype Technology and Strong Customer Focus

Leading manufacturer of metal stamping parts offers unparalleled customer service and innovative manufacturing skills. CDC Groups mainly manufactures stamping parts, CNC metal parts, stainless steel casting parts, aluminum alloy parts, titanium fasteners, stainless steel pistons and cylinders. ... Full Story

Published: 2012/09/18

Taiwanese Auto Repair Tool Makers Forge an International Reputation
Quality products at low prices keep the industry growing

Living up to Taiwan’s reputation of “Kingdom of Hand Tools,” local suppliers of auto repair tools are earning plaudits for their long-term dedication to R&D and branding upgrades. Unwilling to compromise in the face of rivalry from emerging countries and realizing the danger of market erosion ca... Full Story

Published: 2012/08/22

Bathroom Fitting Makers Talk About Plans and Strategies in Slow Market
One maker targets SE Asia amid weak EU and American economies

Amid an uncertain global economy, weakened by the still limping peripheral economies in the EU and relatively high unemployment, slow housing starts in the U.S., most Taiwanese bathroom fitting makers have struggled with flat growths over the past few years. While the industry is not likely to turn... Full Story

Published: 2012/08/22

Brand Taiwan Comes of Age
With their OEM markets under siege, tool manufacturers are betting on a branded future

A brand is a symbolic embodiment of all the explicit information connected to a company's name, products or services, and often represents implicit values, ideas and personality. Building a brand is a go-to-market strategy that, when successful, can create expectations and associations between own-... Full Story

Published: 2012/08/22

Tighter Rules Drive Taiwan's Green Building Materials Industry
A maker of variable frequency inverter offers guaranteed refund

Casual observers in the ritzier parts of Taipei, capital city of Taiwan, may be impressed by the number of 5-star hotels, designer boutiques and even high-rise deluxe condos, but would not know that Taiwan imports 98% of fossil fuels and lack most conventional building materials, including ingredie... Full Story

Published: 2012/08/22

Monsoon-caused Floods Prime Pump Makers in Taiwan for Action
One maker builds testing facility to be the biggest in S.E. Asia

Taiwan, an island in the southwest rim of the Pacific Ocean, usually sees Monsoon rains in late May or early June, which this year have been unusually heavy to equal downpours typically associated with a medium typhoon, hence flooding parts of Taipei and many remote communities in central Taiwan. ... Full Story

Published: 2012/08/22

Artisan Hardware Corp.
Aluminum step ladders, fiberglass step ladders, extension ladders, work platforms

Artisan Hardware Corp. is one of the leading professional makers of various ladders and related accessories in Taiwan and mainland China, with more than 30 years of experience. Sound manufacturing capability and capacity is among the company’s biggest features. With vertical production lines... Full Story

Published: 2012/08/22

Shengtai Brassware's Multi-strategic Approach to Branding Success

Faucet maker takes part in global design contests to raise brand recognition Calling for considerable time and effort, branding is a long-term strategy that challenges Taiwanese small- and medium-sized traditional manufacturers. Undaunted, Shengtai Brassware Co., which set up its own brand JUST... Full Story

Published: 2012/04/27

Lawmakers Help Build Taiwan's Green Building Materials Industry
Green materials are labeled ecological, healthful, high-performance and recycled

The range of eco building materials available in Taiwan has risen over the past few years to include non-toxic electrical cables, parquet flooring, tiles, paints, carpets, adhesives, fillers, glass, cushion and gypsum boards. The lawmakers in Taiwan are credited with pushing for eco-correct cons... Full Story

Published: 2012/03/06

Local Fastener Suppliers Have Much to Gain as Taiwan Develops Wind Power
MIRDC has had a significant role in developing a local supply chain of large-sized wind turbines on the Island.

In the near future local suppliers of fasteners hope to develop a sustainable business involving the growth of wind power and the formation of a local supply chain of large-sized wind turbines on the island. And they have to thank for this the efforts both of Taiwan and of the Metal Industries Rese... Full Story

Published: 2012/03/06

Taiwanese Yacht Hardware Makers Again Tap Synergy to Upgrade
Yacht Hardware R&D Alliance formed to develop electromechanical devices

Tasked to carry out an industrial development project to upgrade Taiwan’s yacht hardware industry in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, the Metal Industries Research & Development Center (MIRDC) in 2010 again formed an R&D alliance in the wake of an earlier one that disbanded upon project termination in 2... Full Story

Published: 2012/03/06

THTMA Pushes Taiwan's Hand Tool Industry Upmarket

Following more than a year of hard work since his inauguration last September, Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers’ Association (THTMA) chairman Mark Lin is well on the way to building sustainable development for the industry. In an interview with CENS, Lin confirmed that his industry, which fini... Full Story

Published: 2012/01/09

Taiwan's Hand Tool Industry Sets Sail for Blue Ocean

Taiwan’s hand tool industry is pursuing sustainable development for the next decade after surging between the 1970s and 1990s and maturing in the 2000s. Matt Yang, project manager of the Office to Revitalize Traditional Industries at the MIRDC (Metal Industries Research & Development Center), says ... Full Story

Published: 2012/01/09

Taiwanese Hand Tool Makers Go Digital

The development of digital tools is one means that Taiwan’s hand tool makers are using to deal with price-slashing rivals in emerging countries. Digital models, including torque wrenches and screwdrivers, require advanced electromechanical integration and feature higher torque precision than mechan... Full Story

Published: 2012/01/09

THTMA Pushes Taiwan's Hand Tool Industry Upmarket

Following more than a year of hard work since his inauguration last September, Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers’ Association (THTMA) chairman Mark Lin is well on the way to building sustainable development for the industry. In an interview with CENS, Lin confirmed that his industry, which finished... Full Story

Published: 2011/10/21

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