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Helping global buyers with effective, updated product sourcing, these consist of the latest products, services and developments from selected Taiwanese suppliers in various export industries.

Chein Mei Trade Co., Ltd.
TPU rubber bands and elastic rings, non-toxic TPU bands, two-color TPU elastic rings etc.

Founded in 1997, the ISO 9001-approved Chein Mei Trade Co., Ltd. is a veteran maker specializing in high-quality TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) elastic products, including rubber bands, elastic rings, elastic cords etc. Aiming to lead the sector in Taiwan offering the best-quality products, Ch... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/07

Tele Long Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Electronic components and parts,including switches, sockets, circuit breakers,connectors,plugs,jacks, adapters,fuse holders,RF connectors(BNC, TNC,SMA,SMB,MCX...)

Established in 1986 and based in southern Taiwan’s Tainan City, Tele Long Enterprise Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing a variety of electronic components and parts for audio, video, computer, and telecommunications products. Working constantly for sustainability, the firm has built up a sound ... Full Story

Published: 2014/09/30

Beam Tech Electronics Co., Ltd.
Compact uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) and sine wave UPSs

With more than 40 years of experience in the electronics industry, the ISO 9001-certified Beam Tech Electronics Co. , Ltd. is a major developer and maker of sine wave line interactive uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) with capacities up to 12KVA. Beam Tech offers a comprehensive range of UPS p... Full Story

Published: 2014/08/29

Kaimei Electronic Corp.
aluminum electrolytic capacitor, AC/DC cooling fan, electronic ballast, LED driver, and luminaire

Founded in 1973 and headquartered in New Taipei City, northern Taiwan, Kaimei Electronic Corp. produces aluminum electrolytic capacitors, AC/DC cooling fans, electronic ballasts, LED drivers, and luminaires. The company went public on the Taiwan stock exchange in 1996 and today ranks among the i... Full Story

Published: 2014/08/28

Beam Tech Electronics Co., Ltd.
Compact uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), variety of sine wave line UPS etc.

With more than 40 years of experience in the electronics industry, the ISO 9001-certified Beam Tech Electronics Co. , Ltd. is a major developer and maker of sine wave line interactive uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) with capacities up to 12KVA. Beam Tech offers a comprehensive range of UPS... Full Story

Published: 2014/08/22

Incoming Inc.
The Security Product Specialist Wafer Tumbler lock, Pin Tumbler lock

Wafer Tumbler lock, Pin Tumbler lock We are manufacturer specializing in wafer tumbler locks, pin tumbler locks and their augmented products. The core to your lock system. We offer a range of security solutions for your every need and we can also provide BRIGHT ideas! Incoming Inc. ... Full Story

Published: 2014/07/09

Chuen Jaang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
Precision turned parts, milling/grinding parts, semiconductor equipment parts

Founded in in 1982, Chuen Jaang Precision Industry Co. is one of the most comprehensive suppliers of precision turned parts in Taiwan. The ISO 9001-certified company, its business has grown almost every year since its establishment, and is now a world-class player that is continuing to diversify it... Full Story

Published: 2014/07/09

SGE Terminals & Wiring Accessories Inc.
Non-insulated & pre-insulated terminals, butt connectors, cable ties

Founded in 1988 in Taiwan's central county of Changhua, SGE Terminals & Wiring Accessories Inc. is an ISO 9001-certificatedted maker of cable and terminal accessories. The company churns out a variety of electric terminals, including non-insulated and reinsulated terminals, heat-shrinkable cord ... Full Story

Published: 2014/07/09

Sheng-An Industrial Co., Ltd.
Storage carts, storage boxes, storage organization, adjustable clothes racks, PP storage drawers

Ever since its founding in 1995, the Taiwan-based Sheng-An Industrial Co., Ltd. has used plastic injection molding to turn out a variety of storage carts and storage solutions for both households and offices. Backed by a sound complement of manufacturing equipment along with consummate plastic i... Full Story

Published: 2014/07/09

Gin Re Electric Motors Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of electric motors, AC/DC motor controls, and gearboxes

Established in 1987, Gin Re Electronic Motors Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of AC and DC gear motors, offering AC, DC, crane, actuator, and stepping motors, gearboxes, and AC/DC motor controls. The company welcomes custom orders. The company constantly enhances its know-how, R&D, and innovati... Full Story

Published: 2014/07/09

Hann-Uei Instrument Co., Ltd.
Measuring instruments for construction applications

Established in 1979, Hann-Uei Instrument Co., Ltd. is a veteran company specializing in a wide range of high-quality and -precision measurement instruments for mainly construction applications. With abundant experience and know-how accumulated over some three decades, the company fully understan... Full Story

Published: 2014/07/09

Maxthermo touches your heart, Maxtech services your mart

Since 1978, MAXTHERMO-GITTA has built up and maintained long-term business relationship with over 200 clients in 100 countries around the world. We have the most professional team in the industry, and it has always been our goal to serve our worldwide clients with our state-of-the-art products, the... Full Story

Published: 2014/07/09

Chuan Lih Fa Machinery Works Co. Ltd.
Large plastics injection machines

A major maker of plastics injection machines in Taiwan, Chuan Lih Fa Machinery Works Co., Ltd. (CLF) recently introduced several new models featuring larger capacities for making bulky items like plastic pallets and wheeled plastic garbage cans. “Due to sanitation concerns, plastics pallets and g... Full Story

Published: 2014/06/16

Ho Tien Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
FFC and FPC terminals and connectors, connector housings

Ho Tien Precision Industry Co. was founded in 1976 and today is one of Taiwan’s foremost suppliers of top-end terminals and connectors for flat flexible cables (FFC) and flexible printed circuits (FPC), with an admirable reputation especially among large electronics manufacturing service (EMS) prov... Full Story

Published: 2014/06/16

Day Tay Plastic Industry Ltd.
Rigid and flexible extruded plastic tubes, strips, air hoses, soaker hoses, 3D printer filaments

Since founded in 1996, Day Tay Plastic Industry Ltd. has specialized in plastic extrusion to supply varieties of tubing and plastic components and accessories for different purposes. The company offers braided tubes, air hoses, soaker hoses, fishery tubing, filter tubes for water filters, hold-dow... Full Story

Published: 2014/05/15

Precaster Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Laser Distance Meter, Laser Measurer, Laser Meter, Rangefinder, Professional Taiwan Laser Distance Meter Manufacturer

Founded in 1977, Precaster Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a time-tested supplier of measuring and surveying instruments in Taiwan. In addition to running an in-house R&D center, Precaster is also noted for its ample know-how accumulated from decades of dedication to research and development of various... Full Story

Published: 2014/04/18

Hon Hai's Revenue and Profits Hit Record Highs in 2013

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., the flagship company of Hon Hai Group, world’s largest EMS (electronics manufacturing service) firm by size, saw consolidated revenue and net profits both hit record highs of NT3.95 trillion (about US$131.1 billion) and NT$107.3 billion (US$3.25 billion), respe... Full Story

Published: 2014/04/09

Sunlike Display Tech Corp.
LCD & OLED modules, LED lighting, LCD monitors

Sunlike Display Tech Corp. was founded in March 1996 to manufacture twisted nematic (TN), super TN (STN), fast-response STN (FSTN), chip-on-board (COB), tape automatic bonding (TAB), chip-on-glass (COG) LCD modules for contract buyers and others. In recent years, the company has branched out in... Full Story

Published: 2014/02/27

Kai Suh Suh Enterprise Co., Ltd. (KSS)
Cable ties, wiring accessories

Kai Suh Suh Enterprise Co., Ltd. (KSS) has run business by prioritizing professionalism, quality and service for 43 years, having supplied a wide range of wiring products to over 40,000 accounts in 110 countries. Reflecting its branding success, in 2011 the globally renowned company was named a... Full Story

Published: 2014/01/15

Jih Sheng Spring Co., Ltd.
Springs, precision springs, pins, E-clips, furniture parts, bathroom hardware and parts, bicycle parts

Following 16 years of development, Jih Sheng Spring Co., Ltd., inaugurated in 1997 in Taiwan’s central county of Changhua, has grown into a world-caliber manufacturer of springs and related parts for different purposes. Jih Sheng is an ISO9001-certified manufacturer with D&B D-U-N-S certificatio... Full Story

Published: 2014/01/13

Sheng Yi Industrial Co., Ltd.
Aluminum alloy, cooper and brass forgings, mechanical parts, motor and auto parts, aeronautical parts, bicycle parts

Founded in 2003, Sheng Yi Industrial Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing manufacturer of forgings and forged parts and components with a decade of experience in forging and mold development. To meet rising demand, the company moved to a new 5,000-square-meter factory in Taichung City, central Taiwan, in 2... Full Story

Published: 2014/01/13

Yow Song Injection Molding Co., Ltd.
Silicon rubber products for wide-ranging applications

Since its inception in 1987 in Taichung City, central Taiwan, Yow Song Injection Molding Co., Ltd. has specialized in extruding various silicon rubber products for different purposes. The company turns out high quality silicone rubber products as odd-shaped silicon rubber strips and linings, sil... Full Story

Published: 2014/01/13

Google Weighs Data Center Investment in Taiwan

At the unveiling of Google's Taiwan Cloud Data Center in Chunghwa County, central Taiwan on Dec. 11, 2013 , Joe Kava, the search engine giant's vice president for data center operation, announced the company will up its investment in Taiwan to US$600 million. When breaking ground on the center in ... Full Story

Published: 2014/01/08

Global 3D Printer Shipment Forecast to Surge 75% in 2014: Gartner

With additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, increasingly a buzzword in global manufacturing, global shipment of 3D printers is forecast to surge 75% year-on-year in 2014, and then double in 2015, according to the latest report by Gartner Inc., a British market research firm, regarding the top 10 s... Full Story

Published: 2014/01/06

Hon Hai Reportedly to Begin HD OLED Display Mass Production in 2016

Taiwan-based Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., world’s largest electronics contract manufacturer by size, will reportedly kick off mass production of high-resolution OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays in 2016, supplying its largest customer, Apple Inc. Declining to tell where its f... Full Story

Published: 2013/12/16

Chung I Silver Solder Co., Ltd.
Silver solders, silver brazing alloys, phos copper brazing alloys, soldering materials, fuse conductivity wires, soldering wires, flux-coated brazing alloys

Chung I Silver Solder Co. has been manufacturing brazing filler materials for different applications ever since its establishment in 1978. Using the know-how it has accumulated over the years, the company supplies a variety of silver-based and copper alloys as well as high-tech soldering materia... Full Story

Published: 2013/12/13

ARGO Technology Co., Ltd.
Frequency control products, microwave wireless communication parts, oscillators, SAW filters, resonators, etc.

Founded in 1998, ARGO Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in developing, designing, and manufacturing band frequency controlling devices and microwave wireless communication parts. Over the years, the company has developed into a leading supplier of high-precision and -reliability products which are d... Full Story

Published: 2013/09/15

Eminent Main Industrial Co., Ltd.
Industrial LED lamps, LED work lights etc.

Founded in 1986, Eminent Main Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in designing and making work light, industrial lamp, high-power LED light, industrial LED light, halogen work light, halogen spot light, fluorescent work light and tower signal light. Besides making lights for machinery operators, cl... Full Story

Published: 2013/09/11

Li Xiang Mach. & Elec. Co., Ltd.
Gear reducers, gear reducer motors, variable speed drivers, worm gear linear actuators

Established in 1976, Li Xiang Mach. & Elec. Co., Ltd. is a professional maker of gear reducers and related products for machines with operations in Taiwan. The company boasts consummate production capability, which is backed by seasoned know-how and a sound line of precision production instrumen... Full Story

Published: 2013/09/11

Yong Yen Metal Co., Ltd.
Garden hoses, brass nozzles, brass connector sets, sprinklers

Inaugurated in 1986, Yong Yen Metal Co., Ltd. engages in producing metal parts, fittings and accessories for gardening, plumbing and other purposes. With over two decades in business, Yong Yen is a major supplier in Changhua County, central Taiwan, and its core competitiveness lies in excellent ... Full Story

Published: 2013/09/04

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