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Supplier News
Helping global buyers with effective, updated product sourcing, these consist of the latest products, services and developments from selected Taiwanese suppliers in various export industries.

Chang Loon to Build Further Growth by Broadening Product Mix with Innovative, Functional Tools
The maker's sales to the U.S. has risen 20-30 percent on average

Compiled by STEVE CHUANG After being reported in CENS’s Guidebook to Taiwan Hand Tools 2015 its brand new blow-molded case that highlights unique designs to facilitate storage during work to also underline its steady devotion to creating user-friendliness, Chang Loon Industrial Co., Ltd., a lead... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/31

Sloop Spare Parts Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Suspension Parts, Steering Parts, Ball Joint, Tie Rod End…etc.

The ISO 9001:2000-certified Sloop Spare Parts Mfg. Co., Ltd., founded in 1984, is a veteran manufacturer of a range of high-quality aftermarket (AM) automotive steering & suspension parts, including mainly tie rod end, rack end, side rod assembly, ball joint, center link, cross rod, stabilizer link... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/27

Auto Parts Industrial Ltd.
Auto body parts, window regulator, mirrors, cooling systems, radiator cooling fans, radiators etc.

Founded in 1979, Auto Parts Industrial Ltd. (AP) is a major player in the international aftermarket auto replacement parts industry, with commitment to quality deeply rooted in its staff's aim to provide excellent customer service, with all manufacturing and sales built on intelligent systems, eng... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/26

Camco Auto Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Performance-tuning auto and truck parts and accessories

Performance-tuning or high-performance parts and accessories is undoubtedly one of the fastest-changing segments in the global auto-parts business in recent years; so players have to be more careful and adopt right strategies to better survive in a lull, while waiting for another crest in demand, s... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/26

Goldminate Associates, Inc.
Aluminum alloy wheels, lightweight alloy wheels

Goldminate Associates, Inc., founded in 1990, is a leading Taiwanese supplier of aluminum alloy wheels, steel wheels, wheel bolts, nuts and hub rings. The company globally markets its quality wheel rims under its “Darwin Racing” and “Julien Racing” brands, and also supplies products to internatio... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/26

Lu Chou Machinery Works
Rocker arms, valve lifters, rocker shafts, cam shafts, tappets, filters, fuel pumps, water pumps, oil pumps

Thanks to long-term devotion to the business, the ISO 9002-certified Lu Chou Machinery Works has grown into Taiwan's largest supplier of rocker arms, valve lifters, and cam shafts for the global automotive aftermarket. With constant investment in product development and smooth business growth, ... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/26

OEM Engine Parts Manufacturer Inc.
Engine gaskets, engine rubber parts, industrial gaskets

OEM Engine Parts Manufacturer Inc. is a major supplier of a wide range of engine gaskets and repair kits. Products in the ISO 9001:2000-certified firm’s catalog include full sets, head sets, cylinder head gaskets, and rubber compounds (rocker covers, oil pans, oil seals, valve stem seals, liner O-r... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/26

View Max Industrial Co., Ltd.
Auto side mirrors

Founded in 1992, View Max Industrial Co., Ltd. is the world's largest and most comprehensive supplier of aftermarket (AM) replacement auto mirrors, supplying over 10,000 models of side mirrors, upgrade mirror housing, and parts for mainly European and Japanese makes and models. Tony Yang, the pr... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/26

Yih-Tair Industrial Co., Ltd.
Windshield molding, Body Molding, Cold-roll forming products

Yih-Tair Industrial Co., Ltd. has enjoyed rapid business growth since its establishment in 1983, and has become a leading player in the international windshield molding market with products that are sold under its own well-known brand "FlexLine" brand. The ISO 9001-certified developer and produc... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/26

Tesor Plus Corp.
Smartphone Remote Control & Tracking System, Smartphone Home Automation

Founded in 1987, the ISO 9001 and TS16949 certified Tesor Plus Corp. specializes in design and manufacture of GPS Tracking System, Smartphone Tracking & Security, Smartphone Home Automation & Security, Smartphone Garage Remote Control, Touch-Screen 2-Way Alarm & Starter, LCD Display 2-Way Alarms, D... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/26

Shih Hsiang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Automotive suspension parts, control arms etc.

Shih Hsiang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is the largest and most comprehensive supplier of aftermarket (AM) suspension and steering parts in Taiwan, being a global leader in product comprehensiveness. Since its inception in 1978, Shih Hsiang has made steady and intensive investments in product developme... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/26

Yuholi Co., Ltd.
Brake and clutch master cylinder repair kits, engine timing kits

Yuholi Co., Ltd. is one of Taiwan's foremost long-term specialists in developing and manufacturing different kinds of high-quality auto parts. Thanks to the vigorous efforts it devotes to the constant upgrading of manufacturing technology and product quality, over 90% of its output is supplied on ... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/26

Sding Yuh Industry Co., Ltd.
Timing kits, timing chains, chain guides, chain tensioners, belt tensioners

With a clear goal of achieving to be one of the most comprehensive suppliers of its kind in the global market, Sding Yuh Industry Co., Ltd., a young and vigorous specialist in the production of high-caliber aftermarket (AM) timing kits, timing chains, chain guides, chain tensioners, belt tensioners... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/26

Chang Loon Leads Trends in Taiwanese Ratchet Wrench Sector for Elaborated Design and Functionality
Ratchet-head-embedded color rings ease size identification

Compiled by STEVE CHUANG Countless mechanics and hand tool suppliers owe a debt of gratitude to Robert Owen, an American from Ohio who in 1913 was granted the patent for his invention the double-acting wrench, which has since been improved. Before such ingenious invention, one can only assume ba... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/23

Shenzhen Rosy Supplies LED Grow Lights

Shenzhen Rosy Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. is an innovative, specialized developer and maker of agricultural lighting backed by independent research and development involving agricultural science and technologies. Its main products are LED grow light, LED mushroom light, LED aquarium light, tis... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/20

Guiangzhou Yuhan Supplies LED Shower Head

AgainSky, an affiliate of 2007-founded Guangzhou Yuhang Trading Co., Ltd., is a leading LED lamps and LED lighting solutions manufacturer and provider. Adopting advanced LED technology, AgainSky supplies LED lighting and LED products on ODM and OEM basis, having built sound reputation in the LE... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/20

Astro-fly Offers LED Panel Lights

Shenzhen Astro-fly Lighting specializes in LED lighting manufacture and export in China, with integrated research, development, production, sales and service of LED lighting that are known for high efficiency, energy-saving, long life, stability, and environmentally friendly features. Its LED pa... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/20

Netron Offers LED Filament Bulbs

Shenzhen Netron Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-end LED lamp manufacturer who has invented 360° lighting technology, whose products are mainly exported to Europe, South Africa, the United State, Middle East, and Southeast Asia where they enjoy sound reputation and have big market shares in... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/20

Kyon Yo Industries Co.
Machine tool parts, gauge/meter parts, electronic parts, automotive parts and more

Kyon Yo Industries Co. was founded in 1989 to make components for tabletop lathes. Eighteen years later, the company expanded into manufacturing of components for computer numerical control (CNC) horizontal machine tools to diversify product line and keep up with customer demands. It product lin... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/20

Willaim Tools Plays Part in Enhancing Precision and Practicality of Torque Tools
Its digital torque calibrator enables data storage via USB port

Compiled by STEVE CHUANG Decades ago auto mechanics and workers on assembly lies manually torqued bolts without knowing exactly the force applied or if such specification mattered. But torque tools as wrenches have come a long way, besides continuing being routinely essential tools used in indus... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/20

Chein Ying Ent. Co., Ltd.
Self-adhesive hooks, pens, office supplies, stationery, novelties, plastic tableware and kitchenware, various handbags and totes

Established in 1981 in New Taipei City, northern Taiwan, Chein Ying Ent. Co., Ltd., a specialized and seasoned manufacturer of stationery, continues to promote innovative, convenient-to-use self-adhesive hooks to meet robust demand for fastening solutions that help storage, organization in home. ... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/20

Glory & Sunrise Enterprise Co.
Integrated manufacturing services, motorcycle parts, ATV parts, steel forging, steel welding, tooling development…etc.

Founded in 2000, Glory & Sunrise is an ISO 9001-approved company specializing in providing integrated manufacturing services, including steel forging, metal stamping, welding, tooling development etc., as well as product assembly and packaging services to meet customers' requirements. With consi... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/20

Yao Dian Enterprise Co. Ltd.
Hot stapler (cordless), battery booster, jump starter, vehicle battery charger…etc.

Founded in 2007, Yao Dian Enterprise Co., Ltd., is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of vehicle battery chargers, professional auto repair tools, which are widely popular in international markets thanks to class-leading functionality and quality. The company's auto repair tools, including memory saver... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/20

Hongbao Electrical Supplies LED Streetlight Series

Hongbao Electrical Company has specialized in energy-efficient photovoltaic technology for more than ten years, known for systematic management, leading-edge innovation, and now engaged in research and development, manufacturing, sales, urban lighting engineering project, design, construction and m... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/20

Jiangsu Bisong Supplies Lighting for Various Applications

Jiangsu Bisong Illumination Co., Ltd. is an integrated firm focusing on tech and innovation that is engaged in research, development, manufacturing and marketing, offering mainly floodlight, landscape lighting, streetlight, ceiling lamp, lighting designed to withstand tough ambient conditions, gri... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/20

Dongguan Longfat Supplies LED Spotlight

Dongguan Longfat Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. integrates R&D, design, production, installation and sales of LED light source and LED lighting products, renowned for being committed to building its brand value by supplying LED lighting to achieve low carbon footprint, energy- saving, high ef... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/20

Green Ideas Technology Introduces Blind-spot-free Smart Lighting Control System
Taiwanese company aims to make street lighting and surveillance cheaper and more efficient

By KEN LIU Founded only last year, Green Ideas Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development of smart lighting control systems for LED lights and solar-powered LED streetlights. Recent field tests carried out by the company prove that its dedicated control system can send signals to all of the... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/18

Fortuna Auto Industry Inc. (FA)
Auto Side-View Mirrors

Fortuna Auto (FA) was established in Taiwan in 1994 as a specialized export service provider, then in 1999 set up its manufacture/R&D team, with the MIRA brand later established to strengthen its global profile and identity, and its burgeoning product development and manufacturing ability gradually... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/18

Dees Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd.
Hydraulic press, deep drawing press, die spotting press, tryout press, hemming press etc.

Known in the industry for steadfast devotion to R&D, Dees Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd., a globally leading hydraulic press supplier headquartered in New Taipei City, northern Taiwan, has just completed development of its newest closed-loop hydraulic servo-controlled die- spotting press to address... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/18

Maxfu Industrial Co., Ltd.
Main bearings, con rod bearings, pistons with pins and clips, gasket sets and other engine parts for heavy-duty trucks, trailers and excavators

Since established in 1986 in New Taipei City, northern Taiwan, Maxfu Industrial Co., Ltd. has been supplying engine parts for most models of heavy-duty trucks, trailers and excavators. Maxfu’s product lineup comprises main bearings, con rod bearings, thrust washers, bushings, pistons with pins a... Full Story

Published: 2015/03/18

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