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Flying Tiger KJ Co., Ltd., founded in 1980, is the first in Taiwan to produce mold temperature controllers and dryers. A specialized maker of peripherals for plastic and rubber processing machines, central in-feed systems, and automated turnkey solutions, we not only focus on product R&D and enhancing know-how, but aggressively develop markets and expand services by setting up marketing centers in Taiwan and overseas to offer R&D, production and specialized services. Our factory at the Taichung City Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park is under construction and expected to be completed by the end of 2014. Talk to us for more information.

1980: Founded in January 9,1980. Originator of the Mold Temperature Controller in Taiwan.
1982: Water and Air-cooling Chillers launched.
1986: Launched Two Towers Dehumidifying Dryer.
1987: Oil Temperature Controller, patent 38295.
1988: Water Temperature Controller, patent 41607.
1989: Taichung and Tainan service centers established.
1990: Dehumidifying Dryer, patent 54341.
1995: Dong Guang service center of South China established.
1996: Flying Tiger (abbrev. FT) trademark was registered in China.
1997: Developed and applied an intelligent microcomputer temperature controller.
2000: Chiller, patent 162923.
Kun Shan service center of East China established.
FT Taichung and FT Tainan profit sharing program initiated.
Expanded the product portfolio, including the Dryer, Material Blender, Mold Dehumidifier and Central Material Conveying System, etc.
2001: Water Temperature Controller, patent 179747.
2002: Temperature controller, patent 186706.
2003: Kun Shan branch established.
Optical grade products launched.
Mold Dehumidifier, patent 211387.
Mold Dehumidifier, China patent ZL03270745.2.
Insulated & Dust-free Hopper Dryer, China patent ZL03258129.7.
2004: Insulated & Dust-free Hopper Dryer, patent M246140.
2005: Flying Tiger Korea established.
Central Material Receiver, patents M279484 and M280288.
2007: Infrared Rotary Dryer, patent M321218.
2008: Infrared Rotary Dryer awarded the CITD project grant of the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
2010: Powder Eliminator, patent M385458.
Flying Tiger Taiwan profit sharing and bonus system implemented.
2011: All products completed CE certifications.
Temperature Controller, patent M413586.
2012: Flying Tiger India established.
Vacuum Dehumidifying Dryer awarded the SBIR project grant of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Land acquired for the future Taichung Precision Machinery Technology Innovation Industrial Park; expected relocation in 2014.

2013: Vacuum Dehumidifying Dryer, patent I397462. Powder Eliminator and Chiller are both patented. Mold Dehumidifier and Material Conveying System each have two patents. Dryer system has five patents. Five patents for the Mold Temperature Controller. Total are 16 patents.

From 1980 to 1989
The control of mold temperature and moisture content were not yet considered necessary conditions for the plastic molding process in the most factories. Flying Tiger research in plastic auxiliary equipment and manufacturing technology led to lecture tours with experts and scholars to introduce plastic molding technology to the Taiwan market. Also, assisted clients to learn the application of plastic auxiliary equipment in order to improve production quality and efficiency. At this stage, Flying Tiger took root in the Taiwan market.

From 1990 to 1999
Dong Guang Service Center of South China was set up and the Flying Tiger trademark was registered in China at the same time. All machines adopted microcomputer control systems to enhance product functionality and efficiency. Began use of whole plant cooling water and chilled water systems, the mold temperature control system, the material drying system, and the central material conveying system. Expansion into the China market.

From 2000 to 2009
Expanded the product portfolio, including the Dehumidifying Dryer, Material Blender, Mold Dehumidifier and Central Material Conveying System. Creating additional turnkey solutions. FT Kunshan and FT Korea were established. Transitioned from traditional systems to the LCD panel and the 3C industries. During this stage, the central material conveying system and turnkey solutions of whole plants were the main company foci of development.

From 2010 to 2019
Promote environmental protection using energy saving green products and safety through CE certification. Bonus profit sharing system implemented to encourage the well-being of employees and loyalty, forming the foundation for continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence by employees. During this period, expansion into ASEAN and the emerging markets.

Sincere Service, Turnkey Solutions, Good to Great, and to be Ranked as one of the Best Companies to Work for.
Temperature Controller, Material Handling Systems, Dehumidifying Dryer, Chiller Machine, Cooling Water Systems



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