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Our company we established in 1970. We were exported bicycle and motorcycle chains at POWER ROLLER provide SOON
early time. Later on, we turned to be import transmission chains, roller chains from
well-known companies, S.Y, OCM, PULTON, YAMAKYA.
Gradually, we’ve worked as sole distributor with United States and European leading company –
Rexnord(MCC, Marbett) for their tabletop chain, mattop chains, belts and conveyor components.
Besides being the distributor, we also produce some conveyor components locally.
Recently, we produced conveyor rollers and power rollers, especially, used for TFT-LCD PARTNER
manufacturing in clean room.
Conveyor Rollers, Rollers, Conveyer Components, Machinery Parts, Chains, Chains for Resistor Coating Machine, Conveyor Accessories, Plastic Support Elements, Industrial Machine Parts & Accessories, Packaging Machine, Food Machine, Beverage Processing Machine, Industrial Machinery, Motor Rollers, , Conveyor Components



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