Wet Air Hole Drilling / Cutting / Forming Milling Machine (Hole Cutter)

Wet Air Hole Drilling / Cutting / Forming Milling Machine (Hole Cutter)



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Detail Specifications / Descriptions
Max. Free Speed: 9,700 rpm
Air Cons:
0.56 m3/min (19.8 scfm) – for Air Motor
0.35 m3/min (12.4 scfm) – for Air Vacuum Suction
Weight: 36 kgs
Size: 116.2 x 67.3 x 38.5 cm (LxWxH)

Working Area:
Available Cutting Size without Template
Length: Max. 60 cm
Width: Max. 40 cm
Available Cutting Size by Template
Length: Max. 45 cm
Width: Max. 40 cm

● 3 in 1 MACHINE combining different working application on Drilling Hole,
Cutting, Forming Milling.
● Compact device, it can put on slab to operate. Unlike large former plate or
computer-controlled machine needs to occupy a lot of space.
● Fast and reliable cut the required shape by template, without repeated
renovation, most people can operate, saving time / cost.
● Fast installation and move on slab ( Available on Slab Back ).
● Quick installation / replacement diamond bits.
● Multi-water spray way (from Diamond Bits Center or Flexible water pipe).
● Adjustable the volume of water.
● The unique torque sensitive cutting speed characteristics of the pneumatic
tool, can reduce slab cutting rupture chances.
● We can follow user’s require to produce any size (Length x Width).



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