Niken's Laser LED Driving Lamp Sought-after by Global Buyers at This Year's Taipei AMPA

May 10, 2018 Ι Supplier News Ι NIKEN VEHICLE LIGHTING CO., LTD. Ι Auto Parts & Accessories Ι By Alan Lu, CENS
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Founded in 1976, Niken Automotive Accessories Co., Ltd. is a professional automotive LED lighting and auto accessory maker with more than 40 years of OEM and ODM experience. After passing ISO 9001 certification in 2001, the firm has continually had its auto lamp certified to E-mark, CE and RoHS over the past few years.

At this year's Taipei AMPA, Yeh Jien-hong, a technical adviser of Niken, noted that the firm debuted its newly developed NK-0724 laser LED driving lamp. The ray of driving light can reach as far as one kilogram, hence prolonging the reaction time of self-driving cars' detection system and providing a safer driving experience to users.

Yeh stressed that the new product is incorporated with a high concentration laser head licensed by the well-known LED manufacturer Nichia, and capable of giving off light with a color temperature of up to 4500K, which won't cause any discomfort to drivers of cars in the opposite direction. In addition, with a blue light detector, the lamp will automatically shut off within 0.2 second once the blue light spills out. Niken proudly said that NK-0724 laser LED driving lamp is the most advanced product of its kind in the Taiwanese market.

Niken spent about one and half year developing the lamp and the effort has been well rewarded, given that the product turned head at this year's Taipei AMPA. As the first Taiwanese company working out a laser auto lighting product, Niken is confident that its model will be popular with professional buyers and end-users in highly industrialized countries like the U.S. and Japan.

Shih Shih-hao, sales manager of Niken, added that lighting products have always been necessities in high-latitude countries since daytime in those areas is very short in winters. If Niken can provide the lighting equipment featuring higher efficiency, lower costs and greater safety, it is very likely to build a robust ground in the auto parts and lighting market segments in Europe and America.

Shih also shared that the firm started its business as an auto accessories shop. Seeing the growth potential of auto lighting products in the market, Niken decided to put aside resources into the R&D of auto lamps. Benefiting from the local industrial cluster and its strong aesthetic sense, the firm has developed a broad array of auto lighting products with excellent utility and attractive design, including third brake lights, LED fog lights, head lights, auxiliary high beams, light bars, working lights, etc.

Also notable is that Niken boasts a skilled R&D team and experienced QC staffers, not to mention its decades-long expertise in lighting fixture design. Therefor, the company is definitely able to satisfy customers from all corners of the world with customized, one-stop-shop solutions for auto lighting.

Niken`s NK-0724 laser LED driving lamp is the highlight of the firm. (Photographed by Shen Jia-yi)

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