Darfon's E-Bike Finds Way into Global Market

Jul 19, 2017 Ι Industry News Ι General Items Ι By Alan Lu, CENS
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Darfon Electronics Corp, world's third-largest NB keyboard manufacturer and Apple Macbook keypad supplier, has seen its efforts on the development of E-bike, as the environmentally-friendly bike equipped with Darfon Dynamic Riding Management System (DDRMS) has gained a positive reputation in the Europe market.

Su Kai-Chien, Darfon's chairman, said that although the Information Technology (IT) industry output value is shrinking, Darfon, thorough integrating its technological resources, has effectively ventured into the electric bicycle segment, while its one-stop rental service for E-bike is showing increasingly strong potential to be a profit maker in the next 3 years.

Su noted that Darfon has been putting efforts on E-Bike development for 4 years and sold 20,000-30,000 units globally since the bicycle was debuted.

With comprehensive commercial E-services consisting of paying, positioning and energy monitoring, Darfon is exploring the E-Bike rental service markets in Europe, U.S., Japan and China's first-tier cities

“In the past, the average price of an E-Bike was EUR 2500- EUR-4800 (US$ 2850-5480). This year, Darfon is planning to introduce new E-Bike models with unit prices starting at EUR 1500 (US$ 1712),” Darfon's chairman stressed, who expects the E-Bike output volume to grow to be 1.5-2 folds more when the new production line is completed.

The total electric bike sales volume nowadays is estimated at 3 million units worldwide. Darfon, with a 1% global market share, is expecting to increase the share to 5% to 150,000 bikes per year.

With all the E-Bike parts, including batteries, accessories, power system and display, made by Darfon, BSEV, the private brand of Darfon Corp, has become a globally known name in the smart E-Bike industry, and was highly acclaimed by L.A. Times as “Two-Wheel Maserati.”

Su Kai-Chien, Darfon’s Chairman (photographed by Joyce Liu)

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