Ersson International
Blow molded case, EVA foam

Jul 09, 2014 Ι Supplier News Ι ERSSON INTERNATIONAL Ι Hardware & Tools Ι By CENS
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Ersson International, founded in 1990 in Taichung County, central Taiwan, is a professional supplier of blow molding products for customers in various industries.

Backed by its Taiwanese production arm, Chun Chen Plastic Co., Ltd., which is a veteran maker with time-tested knowledge about properties of industrial plastic materials, as well as blow molding processes, from extrusion and injection to stretch blow molding, Ersson has been quickly recognized as a dedicated supplier of various quality blow- and injection-molded plastic products in a variety of sizes, although only seven years old.

The company is capable of providing customers with economical, well-suited manufacturing solutions to that can help to outdo their rivals in markets, as a result of its incessant efforts on market and product researches, technology and equipment upgrading, and quality control. Particularly, the company is quite versed in developing plastic products with individualized designs and customized specifications to achieve great functionality, practicality and marketability.

In addition, an unremitting commitment to quality also underlines the company's name in the global market for plastic product manufacturing, as it has spared no effort on training workers, upgrading inspection instruments and introducing by-the-book quality control measures. This has made the company a reliable, world-caliber manufacturing solution provider of its kind.

Ersson International
No. 16, Lane 15, Holi St., Taiping Li, Taiping City, Taichung County, Taiwan
Tel: 886-4-2277-5909
Fax: 886-4-2277-1991